Brittany Has Revealed How Much Bachie Punters Could Drink & Yeah, That Makes A Lot Of Sense Now

Brittany Hockley has poured the tea on how much booze the Bachelor in Paradise cast were allowed to neck this season. Turns out it was a fuck-tonne, which surely explains a lot of the questionable behaviour we’ve witnessed on telly over the past couple of weeks, right?

Speaking to fellow Bachie alumni Laura Byrne on their podcast Life Uncut, Hockley explained that she was given a lot more freedom at the bar compared to her time on Honey Badger‘s season.

“I only got drunk once on The Bachelor,” she said,but [Bachelor in Paradise] is different.”

“You can’t start drinking until midday. The bar opens at 12, and then you get two drinks an hour and you can basically drink until midnight. That’s a lot of drinks… and in the sun.”

Uh, yeah, in the grand scheme of things, that’s a lot of drinks. 24 to be precise, but who’s counting?

But, as Hockley noted, producers would cut certain cast members from the devil’s juice if they appeared too litty titty.

“The second they think you’ve had too many, or you’re too intoxicated, they’ll cut you off,” she explained.

“I think Jamie got cut off a few times, and I think Brittney got cut off once – bless her soul.”

So you’re telling me that if I disguised my drunkness, I could get away with having 24 drinks? What an interesting hypothetical, indeed.

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