Brittney Just Gave A Spicy Exit Interview Where She Called Out Cassandra & The Blokes On BIP

These Bachelor In Paradise exit interviews are proving to be the spiciest part of the show, aren’t they? Here’s a freshie for ya from Brittney Weldon, aka Littney.

After leaving the show in last night’s ep, the dancing queen called out co-star Cassandra Mamone, saying that when she watched the show, she was “shocked” to see what was being said about her.

“Watching it back I was a little bit shocked of how she thought of me,” she told The Courier Mail.

“I knew she didn’t really like me because of the love triangle [between Jackson Garlick], but I didn’t realise how much she didn’t value me as a person and that’s really on her.”

“I know this time I showed a different side of me and I’m really proud of that,” Weldon said. “I showed a vulnerable side and I’m glad people saw a whole version of me and not just the fun side.”

Bachelor in Paradise continues Sunday at 7.30pm on Channel Ten.