Brittney Weldon Says Her Bachelorette Season Would Include Champagne At Kmart & God, Pls

Brittney Weldon Says Her Bachelorette Season Would Include Champagne At Kmart & God, Pls

Bachelor in Paradise MVP Brittney Weldon chose to leave the show in last night’s episode, hand in hand with Pie Man Jackson Garlick. And while it didn’t work out between the twoBachie fans saw an opportunity. Littney for Bachelorette 2021.

Littney chatted to PEDESTRIAN.TV about her time on Horny Island, here’s what she had to say.

“I’m so glad people didn’t just see the fun me, they also saw the vulnerable side and the genuine side that’s looking for love,” Brittney said.

Watching Brittney, who has been nothing short of a ray of sunshine, almost every night has been a highlight for a lot of Bachie viewers and Brittney has been feeling the love. The reactions on social media have been amazing.

“It makes me feel so good that you can be yourself and people will love you for that,” she said.

“I’ve had so many parents message me saying, ‘I hope my daughter can be as expressive as you and just be themselves’ and I just think that’s so kind.”

Interestingly, unlike some of her fellow contestants, Brittney doesn’t believe in edits.

“I, myself, don’t believe in edits, because everything I did on the show came out exactly how I wanted to be portrayed,” she said.

“So when people say things, I just question that. Like why would you say that? If you were happy with yourself at the time and happy with what you said then how can you blame editing?”

Now even though things didn’t go as planned for Brittney at first, re: Jamie Doran and the infamous friendship roses, she was still stoked to not only feel something for someone, but to be open and honest about it too.

It goes without saying that her stint on Paradise this year went a lot better than her experience on the show last year.

“I had no connections last season, other than that one little moment where I got dogged anyway [Brittney’s talking about Ivan Krslovic], so finally meeting someone I like or even getting confused over someone and being open and honest about it, I’m really proud of myself for that,” Brittney said.

For Brittney, the crux of her Paradise experience was genuinely finding love.

“I haven’t felt love in so long, I just wanted to feel that way,” she said, especially when you’re in Paradise.

And Brittney felt that with Jackson.

Even though Pie Man entered Paradise quite late in the show, the connection was instant. But neither of them were ready to take it to that next step of meeting the parents.

“We had just gotten out of a triangle, as you would say, and then we didn’t really get that time to just realise where we’re going to go from here.

“We didn’t want to bring our parents over because we think so highly of them, so we thought ‘why don’t we just try and make it work outside?’”

So, the couple decided to leave. But as Brittney shared on Instagram last night, things just fizzled out with Jackson over time. Not to mention, they live in different states, so that couldn’t have been easy.

“We just decided that it’d be better to be friends and we’re still friends now,” Brittney said.

“If he was to come to Queensland I’d definitely see him or if I’d go to Sydney we’d definitely catch up.”

SO, Littney is single and is very much interested in being next year’s Bachelorette.

“I get hundreds of tags a day going, ‘Brittney for Bachelorette 2021’ and I’m just like, ‘Yeeeees, tell everyone, tell your friends, I’m so ready!’”

‘Cos really, how could you say no to being the Bachelorette?

Brittney reckons her season would be a whole lot of crazy and a whole lot of fun, and we’d expect nothing less.

“I’m just looking for someone genuine so hopefully there are none of these push-up guys that look at themselves in the mirror like, ‘Have you seen this gym selfie?’ I’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, is your name Jim, is that what you mean?’”

She doesn’t care what the bloke looks like, by the way. Brittney just wants a genuine guy.

As for her dream date? Well, she’ll take a trip in a helicopter or a picnic. Either work.

“I’ll take some champagne at Kmart, I’ll take a bus stop, I’ll take a candle on the ground, I’ll take a sandwich, we can take half each!”

Channel 10, you know what to do.

Speaking of which, we even made a petition to make Littney the 2021 Bachelorette. You can check out the details below.

Bachelor in Paradise continues Sunday, 7.30pm on Channel 10.