The Internet Is Going Bonkers Over The ‘Leaked’ Met Gala Seating Plan, And For Good Fkn Reason

met gala seating plan

Friends and fellow admirers of the Met Gala (greatest fkn night for people who love to see celebrities dress up in outrageous lewks) gather ’round. The internet is losing its collective shit over a rumoured seating plan for the night, but I don’t blame them honestly, because it’s bonafide batshittery. Come see for yourself.

So this ‘leaked’ Met Gala seating arrangement. We simply must talk about it, because everyone and their nonna most definitely are. The main thing that has people in a total twist is the fact that TikTok stars and viral internet celebrities are being placed at tables with total legends of their field.

I’m talking James Charles (who probably shouldn’t be invited this year given the recent allegations made his way) sandwiched between Idris fkn Elba and The Weeknd. Internet personality Emma Chamberlain between Beyoncé and Lady Gaga??? Dixie D’Amelio, the arguably less famous sister of the ultra viral (but far too young to attend) Charli D’Amelio, sitting between Katy Perry and Billie Eilish????

What on Earth is going on here and who swapped over the brownies at Anna Wintour‘s desk?

Despite these Met Gala seating plans likely being a fake that’s just gone stupid wild over the internet, everyone is wondering what the hell these people from seemingly different universes are going to even talk about with each other.

What does Beyoncé have to say to Emma Chamberlain? Does she even know she exists?


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Naturally, with all the confusion has also come the delectable memes about this seating plan, which I cannot get enough of.

One meme made a joke about Addison Rae being so unknown that the other celebs would mistake her for a waitress, and Rae herself even shared it to her own Twitter.

We love to see someone who rides with the joke. Points for *checks notes* singer and TikTok dancer, Addison Rae.

And now for some more wild memes that make fun of this Allen’s Party Mix range of celebrities at the Met Gala.

For this next meme, keep in mind that Addison Rae of all people is allegedly sitting at the head of the table, right next to fashion legends Donatella Versace and Naomi Campbell.

Can I get a yikes.


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Chaos. Pure chaos.

If you need me I’m going to be wondering how so many celebs didn’t get invites when TikTok celebs did. I mean, what about Zendaya‘s new boo Tom Holland? No invites for our shared husband?


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