Here’s Which Stars Are Rumoured To Be Hitting The Met Gala TM & Which Ones Have Said ‘Hell No’

The Met Gala 2021 is almost here, baby! Haute couture’s night of nights hath returned after being canned last year due to the pandemic. And hoo boy am I excited to tuck into some cheese and wine and suss all the $$$ looks like it’s 2019 again. Simpler, simpler times.

The Met Gala will return in September this year, with a two-part exhibition. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan because I shudder to think of the amount of money people have already spent on it.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Vogue’s exhibition will introduce part one, titled In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, on September 18, 2021. The exhibition will run through to September 5, 2022 to celebrate the “Costume’s Institute’s 75th anniversary and explore a modern vocabulary of American fashion.”

Part two, In America: An Anthology of Fashion, won’t open until May 5, 2022. It’s set to “explore the development of American fashion by presenting narratives that relate to the complex and layered histories of those spaces.” Like part one, it will close on September 5, 2022.

This year’s “more intimate” Met Gala will coincide with part one of the exhibition and is expected to take place on September 13, 2021, “pending government guidelines”.

So, who will be there? Let’s have a wee suss.

Who is hosting the Met Gala 2021?

Beautiful boy Timothée Chalamet will co-host the event alongside Billie EilishAmanda Gorman, and Naomi Osaka, plus honorary chairs Tom FordAdam Mosseri, and Anna Wintour.

That is quite the line-up, if I do say so myself.

According to the horse’s mouth (Vogue), this year’s red carpet will be a “smaller affair” than usual. Make of that what you will.

Who is rumoured to be going to the Met Gala 2021?

So according to Page Six (and the industry gossips in general), these are the celebrities rumoured to be on the list so far:




Yes, yes, yes, YES. Never forget her yellow gown by Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei.

Jennifer Lopez

Imagine if Bennifer happens at the Met Gala, oh my god.

Lupita Nyong’o

Kim Kardashian 

Emily Ratajkowski

Hahaha, remember travelling?


Lorde wiped her Instagram to make way for her ~ new era ~, hence a picture of her latest album cover. But anyway, CAN YOU IMAGINE?

Camila Cabello

And if Camila’s rumoured to be on the list then I assume her boyfriend Shawn Mendes is too.


Venus Williams 

Lewis Hamilton

Addison Rae

Emma Chamberlain 

There’s apparently a lot of influencers on the list this year, too. Combine that with the hosts and you’ve got a real push to entice Gen Z.

Who is rumoured to be skipping out?

Sarah Jessica Parker & Andy Cohen

Say it ain’t so!!! Andy Cohen basically confirmed he was skipping this year’s Met Gala because his date to the party – SJP – is busy filming the Sex and the City revival.

Ben Affleck

This fan account, though.

So, a couple of names ago I floated the idea of Bennifer happening at the Met Gala. Turns out, the odds are not in that favour because Affleck is apparently busy filming two movies. Ah well.

Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady 

Eh, I’m not too fussed about these two.