Charli D’Amelio Mistakenly Thought A Hashtag Supporting Charli XCX Was For Her & Oh Lordy

Charli XCX Charli D'Amelio

Buckle up kids, we’re about to go on a wild ride of misunderstanding, and it all starts with Charli D’Amelio‘s Twitter account. I mean, it always starts with someone’s Twitter account. Get ready for an entire rollercoaster.

In a since-deleted tweet, D’amelio says that she has been “looking through the ‘hereforcharli’ hashtag” and that she finds it incredibly sweet and heartwarming. She then also writes about how lucky she is to have her (millions of) fans, and how much she loves them. Seems simple, seems wholesome, we love it.

The only problem is that the ‘hereforcharli’ hashtag was absolutely not meant for her, and if she had spent any real-time at all reading the tweets, she would have pretty quickly realised it. One can only assume D’Amelio saw the hashtag trending, and assumed the best.

Charli D'Amelio

The tag was actually created to support Charli XCX, who after the death of legendary producer SOPHIE, briefly disappeared from social media. SOPHIE and Charli (XCX, not D’Amelio) were incredibly close collaborators, who have been working together since the 2016 release of ‘Vroom Vroom’.

Throughout the hashtag, fans were pouring out their hearts and sending love to Charli, who was the only close friend of SOPHIE to not make a comment on the producer’s recent passing.

Just today, XCX actually released a statement on Twitter, writing that it was hard for her to “sum up the special connection” she had with SOPHIE.

“I can’t explain how I feel and I can’t encapsulate what a unique person she was in one small social media post,” she wrote.

“I will honour SOPHIE in my own time personally, in my grief, through my memories, through my work, through writing things only I will read.”

So… yeah, Charli D’Amelio definitely should’ve read the room, or the Twitter tag, before thanking her millions of fans.

Naturally, the internet has made a plethora of memes to make fun of the misunderstanding, and this first one here has me screaming.

Honestly, Charli D’Amelio is still hella young and hella online, so its natural for her to make mistakes. Also doesn’t change the fact that this is quite a funny misunderstanding.