Here Are 27 Gilded Memes From The 2022 Met Gala & Most Of ‘Em Are About Kylie’s Off Fright

met gala 2022 memes

A joyous Met Gala day to all who celebrate! We’ve feasted our eyes on some of the most elaborate costumes this side of the Red Rooster line all day — and we’ve also gawked at some huge fkn misses.

Apart from the costumes one of the best parts of Met Gala day is all of the outrageous memes. After all, what good are ultra-rich celebrities playing dress up if we can’t make fun of them?

We middling folk need to keep ourselves entertained somehow. Thus, we’ve collected all of the standout memes from this year’s Met Gala. Yes, Kylie Jenner memes occupy most of this article. Homegirl looked WILD, did she expect the internet to just say nothing??

Let’s get into some memes already.

It wouldn’t be the Met Gala without a couple of memes joking that random people have arrived. Here’s one starring Optus queen Gladys Berejiklian.

You’d be lying if you said you weren’t scrutinising every look in your PJs with a cup of warm coffee in front of you. Comfortable critique!

Alright, now let’s get into the hilarious Kylie Jenner memes. The worst dressed attendee by far.

Knowing that Kylie has worn Gilded Age looks before for a photoshoot… makes me disappointed over the lewks we could have been served.

Fredrik Robertsson being mistaken for Jared Leto was a meme in itself, but he also kind of looked like Scott Disick. The poor bloke couldn’t even enjoy his day at the Met as himself.

If you didn’t get that last one, here’s a bit of an explainer for you.

I must say this next meme killed me. If Blake Lively was (arguably) best dressed at the Met Gala, then this is the best meme of the evening.

It was not a good night for Emma Stone when it comes to being roasted online. I guess some people can’t appreciate the subtlety and glamour of a simple white dress anymore. I am one of those people.

And that’s it for the Met Gala memes this year. Until next year, when the celebrities will continue to disappoint us yet again by dressing off-theme.

Anna Wintour if you’re reading this make the theme something truly batshit. No more bad themes my Scorpio queen.