An LAX Airport Worker Rated Her Encounters With Celebrities On TikTok & My God, The Tea

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

An LAX airport worker has rated her celebrity encounters on TikTok, absolutely torching some A-listers in the process.

TikTok user _sincindy made a few compilations about her various run-ins with Hollywood’s finest this week and, as you’ll see, she wasn’t afraid to tell us how she really felt.

The Generous Queen Nicki Minaj, for example, received a far-from-glowing report.

“I know some people are going to come for me for this one, but 2/10. She was a huge bitch. Wouldn’t get off the aircraft until everybody else got off, which she can’t do ’cause the flight attendants need to get off. And she was a bitch to my co-worker.”

“I was a fan before I met her. After? Yeah, no.”

Dakota Johnson, on the other hand, received stellar reviews from Cindy.

“Literally 9/10. And the only reason why it’s a 9/10 is because she forgot her passport all the way in LA in the middle of traffic hour, so we had to delay the flight and she still didn’t make it back. But I made fun of her the next time she flew out. She laughed and was super polite.”

As for Kendall Jenner, the TikToker wasn’t as cordial about things.

“Literally 2/10,” she said. Every time she flew out she was not really friendly to anybody and just walked around really arrogant, so yeah.”


Got your tea at the ready? Stunning. Check out the compilations below.

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@_sincindyPart 2!!! Chris if you see this…marry me ##fyp ##youpage ##fyp ##kendalljenner ##dakotajohnson ##chrisevans ##captainamerica ##celebs♬ original sound – _sincindy

In comparison with that NYC waitress’ TikToks about her own respective encounters at restaurants, I feel like I have more empathy for celebs not wanting to engage at an airport. Like, I don’t know about you, but when I’m at an airport or catching a flight, I really try to zone out and stick to myself.

Either way, these TikToks have blessed us with some lovely Friday night tea.