A well-known pop culture IG account has set the internet alight by posting a whole stack of finstas allegedly linked to celebrities.

Deux Moi – iconic celebrity tea account – posted a bunch of screenshots to the IG stories today, crowdsourced solely via leads from its 160k+ following.

“I, personally, did not find ANY (not 1) of the FINSTAs so good job to the fuckin CIA detectives that follow this account,” Deux Moi stated.

“A lot of these accounts have been known for a while by fans so like, surprise to some of us but not a surprise to many.”

It’s important to reiterate that this is all speculative tea – with some leads more promising than others – but hey, it’s tea nonetheless. So without further ado, let’s check out some of the potential celebrity finstas. (Emphasis on the potential.)

The Weeknd

Taylor Swift


Ryan Reynolds

Lily James

Dakota Fanning

Kristen Stewart

Cara Delevingne

Harry Styles

Out of them all, I reckon Cara’s would be the most legitimate. Aside from the fact that ‘Cara Del Wiz’ is in the bio and Gigi Hadid follows the account, ‘buttholediamante’ just seems like something the real Cara would name a finsta account. (I’m mad I didn’t think of that handle first, to be honest. Genius.)

Head on over to Deux Moi for some more speculative accounts and celeb tea.

Ciao for now, Nancy Drews of the web.

Image: Getty Images: Phillip Faraone, Stringer & Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin ; Instagram: @deuxmoi