Well, all those pics of Kanye smiling unknowably at paparazzi photographers were fun while they lasted, but that’s about to come to a screeching halt, thanks to the fact that LAX, airport to the stars, is getting its own, private celebrity terminal.

The airport has recently received approval to redevelop a cargo hangar into a new terminal, that will allow celebrities, politicians, oligarchs and people who are just generally a bit up themselves to board planes away from paps, protesters, egg-throwers and you.

It will cost between $US 1500-$US 1800 to board at the private facility, which will feature separate security and border checkpoints, and luxurious AF catering and lounges. At boarding time, guests will be chauffeured directly to their planes.  

LAX are also claiming that the new terminal will make air travel more “pleasant” for the general public, who will no longer have to be caught up in “media scrums” – in other words, say goodbye to your celebrity selfies, basics.

A temporary terminal is expected to be up and running in six months, meaning that only those really, really thirsty for attention will need to check in next to the great unwashed.

LAX Gets Its Own Celebrity Terminal, So One-Percenters Can Avoid Paps, Poors

via Vulture / The Guardian
Photos: GVK / Bauer Griffin via Getty Images