WATCH: Cops Arrest Guy Bafflingly Dressed As Zorro During LAX False Alarm

Good news, world: today’s emergency situation and evacuation at Los Angeles International Airport, originally feared to be a shooting, has been revealed as little more than a false alarm.

Bad news, Zorro impersonators worldwide: a naive soul who thought he could get away with donning a mask and a plastic sword at an American airport in 2016 was caught up in that ungodly commotion.

A witness caught the moment the man in black was detained by the cops, after rampant rumours on social media claimed an “unidentified noise” was actually the sound of gunfire.

LAX confirmed the arrest in one of the most bizzaro Tweets you’re liable to see this year.

NBC news producer Patrick Armijo later confirmed the man has been released, and the initial call to police wasn’t related to that swashbuckling fella – he was just wearing a baffling costume at the absolute worst possible time.
After all that, LAPD spokesperson Andy Neiman reported there were no shots fired and no injuries reported during the incident, which forced would-be travellers to hit the deck as law enforcement swept the premises.

Of course, this is the second false alarm raised at an American airport this month; a similar incident at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport was also found to be much ado about nothing. 

We’ll keep you posted on what Antonio Banderas has to say about all of this.

Source: The Age. 

Photo: Twitter.