A Savage Stylist Exposed The Most ‘Evil’ Celebs In Hollywood In A Series Of Spicy As Hell TikToks

My favourite thing is when ordinary people go rogue on social media and call out the celebrity customers who were rude to them because, well, what have they got to lose? Plus, I feel like the way celebrities treat people like waiters, stylists, hell, even their security team, is a true testament to who they are, as opposed to the persona that they put on for the media.

A New York stylist by the name of Tahira who has worked at several brands including Barney’s dropped a coupla TikTok vids where she discussed the experiences she’s had with ‘yuge celebs – some positive, and some v. v. v. negative.

She revealed that in 2016, before she worked for Barney’s, she worked for a different brand. Apparently Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick had a book signing (she wrote a book???) at her store and when she came into the store to prep for it, she told the stylist that she’ll only wear their clothes for $10K. Da fuck?

“She won’t speak to me, that’s strike one. She won’t say anything,” the stylist revealed. She said Anna then gave a look to her PR lady, who takes the stylist outside and says, “If you guys want her to wear a look, $10,000.”

Usually the way it works is that stylists give celebs outfits to wear for FREE in exchange for them promoting the look on social media and, obvs, at the event. In some cases, the brand will even let the celeb keep the look. But pay $10K just to fucken’ wear it at a book signing? Get absolutely farked mate.

But wait, it gets worse. The stylist claimed that Anna asked her to bin all the fanmail she received, which is so bloody gross, especially considering her die-hard fans probs would’ve queued up forever to meet her at the signing of whatever lame-ass, unheard-of book she released back then.

Peep the full thing here:


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Then in the second part to the video (oh yep, it’s a two-parter), she revealed that years later she came across Kendrick at Barney’s and asked her colleague to work with her bc she didn’t want a bar of that attitude.

“After [my colleague] helps her, she comes over to me and goes, ‘Do you have any idea who that is?’ and I said, ‘Oh yeah, she’s an actress.’ And she goes, ‘I had no idea who she is but she just got so nasty with me,’” she revealed.


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The run-in(s) must’ve been pretty damn bad because she brought up Anna Kendrick again in a subsequent video where she rated celebs she’s worked with.

In this particular video, she referred to Anna as an “evil chick.”

But you’ll be happy to know that not all celebs are evil because she also mentioned working with Sex & The City star Kim Cattrall and Game of Thrones legend Emilia Clarke and scored them both 10/10.

Peep the vid below:


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Head on over to her TikTok for more of her spicy as fuck vids.