Last Yr’s ‘Bachie’ Villain Says This Season’s More About “Drama” Than Matty J

Ahh Keira Maguire, beloved ‘Bachie‘ villain/swimsuit model/real estate account manager, we wish we had someone with your wit and sass spicing up this year’s season.

Sadly, we do not, although Maguire has come out to News Limited to share her first impression of the women vying for Matty J‘s pure heart.

She’s summed up pretty easily how the nation feels about the near-constant bitching-about-nothing that’s happening on ‘The Bachelor‘ between shots of Matty J’s chiselled pecs:

This season seems to be more about the drama than it is about the guy.

These girls have gone on the show with a mission to become the villain. I wasn’t trying to be a villain when I went on the show, I just have no filter. I’m outspoken. But there’s a difference between being outspoken and being molls.

She’s also spilled on her difficult experience with the show, admitting that “Watching the series has really brought back a little bit of anxiety about what happened to me.

Cast as the villain – complete with sinister score – Maguire earned a lot of screen time on Richie Strahan‘s season, but was also relentlessly attacked for her edited TV persona on social media. The viciousness of the attacks meant she spent a lot of time at home as the show went to air.

She also met her fair share of challengers while in the house.

It’s very mentally challenging being in that mansion.

I was very overwhelmed. My character was getting a lot of backlash. Channel Ten could see I wasn’t handling it well.

I was very vulnerable. I barely left my house for two weeks after I came out of the mansion.

Still, Maguire is not stewing in ‘Bachie‘-adjacent angst. Her Instagram – like those of literally everyone we know – is littered with pics of her living it up in sunny Europe over the last month or so.

A big-arse Sydney mansion vying for one dude’s attention or sippin’ Aperol Spritz on the Amalfi Coast? Hmm, touch choice.