‘Bachie’ Savage Jen Packed Up And Left Without Even Telling Matty J

Tonight’s episode of ‘The Bachelor‘ saw the departure – of her own volition – of a villain so good for ratings she made it to the final nine.

Yep, Jen is calling it: “I’m the girl that walked away from Matty J.”

She also gifted us with the term “drama cabana” and for that we are forever grateful.

To focus on Jen instead of all the other boring nonsense of ‘Bachie’ handsome man Matty J trying to find true love (~yawn~), tonight started off with the lady effin’ fumin’ that Elise scored a single date.

They snogged, because of course they did. I think we need someone to go through all past Australian seasons to see if Matty J is the Bachelor who has so far pashed the most different women, because it really is par for the course this season – even if he is just going to drop ’em the next episode (RIP Alix).

Anyway, there was a challenge for Matty J’s affection, pool cleaner lacrosse – because true love is a competition – and Jen did not win, despite her best efforts at “strategy“.

So the time came for some cocktail party action. And yeah, by the end of the ep Jen would be vanquished, deciding to depart the house.

But not before a little more SABOTAGE.

She essentially cornered Mr J to dob in Lisa, saying that the other contestant was not into him, and more thought of him as “like a brother“. Oh and she suggested that Lisa had said that Matty was there “to keep up his social status“.

Which Matty J promptly did, even as the rest of the mansion laid into Jen for her TREACHERY in the aforementioned “drama cabana“. Like why did she feel the need to do that without talking to Lisa first?

Yet she maintained until the end that she heard Lisa’s comments about Matty J while she was doing sit-ups, a normal thing to do while eavesdropping.

But the girls really would not let her get away with dumping Lisa in the shit, Jen beginning to cry as she defended herself.

And then she stormed the hell out, in tears.

She managed to speak to a producer on camera on her way out:

I’m so over these bitches, I just want to go home. I’m so above Mean Girls, I graduated high school ages ago.

I didn’t do anything to deserve this! I did the right thing and I’m being fucking slammed for it.

But not to Matty J. She just high-tailed the heck out of there with her little wheelie bag.

Still, Jen, the villain, has got a beautiful future ahead of her.