Sydneysider Keira Maguire shot to Strayan-contained fame earlier this year after starring as the villain on The Bachelor.


She was outspoken, brash and came onto the show guns-a-bloody-blazin’. She showed not a lick of shame in having clear tickets on herself, saying in one of her first pieces to camera, “I’m successful, I have amazing style… I’m definitely a good catch.”

She left the show without Richie‘s heart, but with something else: a bitta fame. The extent of which she has milked like the last cow on earth. How? This time, by getting a nose job and keeping a public diary about it.

Detailed in the latest NW mag, Maguire reveals she felt insecure after watching herself on the telly.

“The first night I watched the show I was sitting there like, ‘Ew, this is fucked,’ My nose is just so bad on camera,” she said.

According to the diary kept on Yahoo7!, Maguire came across Doctor Michael Zacharia in Sydney’s Double Bay who performed the procedure. 

She goes on to explain the fresh hell that is recovering from a rhinoplasty, saying that mates came to comfort her with flowers but since she was whacked out on prescription drugs from the surgery, she just “cried her eyes out,” before falling straight to sleep.

“Feels like I’ve been punched in the face,” she wrote on day two, as she couldn’t brush her teeth, eat or breathe through her nose.

“Every morning I wake up to dripping blood down my throat,” Keira continued on day three, adding “it’s really gross” but she has “to cough it up.”

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“It was such a little thing, but my nose made me feel so insecure. Now I’m an much more confident person,” Maguire wrote.

You do you, moite.

The 30-year-old also admitted to the mag that she’s “always wanted to be perfect,” and has also had lip fillers, botox, cosmetic eyebrow tattoos and vampire facials in the pursuit of looking hot. 

Her next move? A titty job.

“Maybe just boosting them to little teardrops, not big bazookas,” mused the socialite. 

Source: NW Magazine.

Photo: Keira Maguire / Instagram.