Konrad Came Out As Pansexual & Clarified His Relationship Timeline W/ Abbie In A New Interview

Konrad Bien-Stephen

Bachelorette alumni Konrad Bień-Stephen has come out as pansexual and spilled the beans on when he and Abbie Chatfield actually broke up — and whether it was before he pashed another gal on The Challenge — in a spicy new interview.

The reality star opened up about his sexuality to The Daily Telegraph and admitted that it was a hard one to navigate given he works with tradies and has only been with women.

“I have been thinking about it a lot lately and I would probably say I was pansexual if I was going to say anything,” he told The Telegraph.

“For me, all of my relationships have been with females. It is hard to say because I want to be respectful in saying it but I guess I haven’t met a guy yet that I have wanted to date or sleep with in a sense.

“It is only a new thing for me to think about and navigate. Within the building industry, it is an interesting territory to navigate.”

Konrad also confirmed he was defs single when he went on Ten’s new reality show and there was no messy timeline in regards to his relationship with Abbie. Their breakup has been shrouded in mystery and it’s definitely been a talking topic since *that* video of him macking on with Megan Marx leaked.

“Abbie and I had broken up a month before going in the house [to film] so I was very much single,” he said.

“I wasn’t going in there looking for love or for any type of relationship or anything, that wasn’t my mindset going in.”

Konrad said his relo with Megan was just a one-off hook up and they weren’t dating.

“It is quite clear that Megan and I hook up from leaked footage and what has been spoken about already,” he said.

“We still talk, we are still friends. No, we are not dating.”

ICYMI, Konrad and Megan’s hook up was the first drop of tea to leak from The Challenge Australia and it was pretty wild because at the time, fans were unaware he and Abbie Chatfield had broken up. Abbie eventually confirmed the breakup on Instagram but the two have remained pretty private about what actually went down.

The tea doesn’t stop there, though. An ~insider~ (take this with a grain of salt) told Daily Mail Australia Konrad was “all over” Megan from day one which they thought was him “trying to make Brooke [Blurton] jealous because she was there too.”

Brooke Blurton was the Bachelorette lead Konrad vied for the love of on his first stint in reality TV. Their amicable breakup became very messy once Konrad began dating Abbie, who was besties with Brooke. Brooke accused Abbie of stealing her spotlight when she started dating Konrad publicly, and the two are no longer friends. Soooo the drama between Brooke and Konrad on The Challenge will certainly be something.

Though to be fair, the pair dated fairly briefly and it was more than a year ago now, so maybe they’ve both moved on peacefully? Or maybe that’s too much to hope for in the chaotic world of reality TV.