Ooft: Thanks To Leaked Footage, We Now Know Which Two The Challenge Stars Pashed In The Hot Tub

The countdown is on for brand new spice show The Challenge Australia, starring a host of Aussie reality stars who are experts at creating on-screen drama.

The bonkers trailer got fans hella excited for the epic challenges, dramatic bust-ups and even a hot tub hookup.

In the trailer, we see two reality stars making out in a hot tub while the other contestants watched on from the windows.

The footage was blurry as hell so we couldn’t quite make out who was, well, making out. Perhaps the steam from the hot tub and horny pashing fogged up the camera?

But guess what mates, we now know who it was: none other than Konrad Bién-Stephen and Megan Marx.

The Kyle & Jackie O Show shared the leaked footage, showing the Bachie stars getting ~steamy~ in the hot tub.

Have a watch below:

We already knew the couple got it on during filming, but I assumed it would be in ~secret~. I didn’t know they’d be doing it in view of the cameras.

The first half of the vid looks like it was filmed by someone without the pair knowing but the second half is in the trailer.

Did they know they were hooking up in view of the camera? Hm…

Konrad and Megan’s hookup was the first spot of tea that emanated from The Challenge Australia and it broke the news that Konrad had split with Abbie Chatfield.

Shortly after filming commenced, a sneaky insider told Daily Mail Australia: “Oh my gosh! The drama is insane, Konrad is sleeping with Megan [Marx].

“Konrad said he was single and his relationship with Abbie Chatfield was over because she broke up with him.”

The insider claimed the pair “hooked up” shortly after meeting.

“On the first night of filming he hooked up with Megan,” they said.

“It was extremely awkward, because he was all over her the second we started filming. It was like he was trying to make Brooke [Blurton] jealous because she was there too.”

Apparently the series will feature several spicy affairs between the stars.

“There’s a lot of drama. People who are in serious relationships are rooting other people in a space of two or three days,” they said.

“The way they were telling us they were in love with their partners, and they can’t think of anyone else but them … it’s crazy.”

Apparently the drama got so spicy, producers had to stage an “executive intervention” to tell contestants to calm the fuck down.

“It was the first time anything like that had to be done,” an insider told The Herald Sun.

Meanwhile another insider told Daily Mail Australia that producers were pissed that the contestants went in with a “plan of attack” and formed rivalries beforehand.

“It started on the plane over,” the source said.

“Cyrell Paule was already beefing with Grant Crapp about a promise he’d made to her before filming.

Jessica Brody and Ciarran Stott were eying each other off, too.”

Cannot bloody wait!

The Challenge Australia premieres on 10 on November 10.