Thelma Plum and Konrad Bién-Stephen Hard Launched Their Relo, So Let Us Bask In Their Hotness

Konrad Bien-Stephen

My brother in christ, the gods have answered our prayers and given us a truly spiritual pairing — iconic Aussie singer and Gamilaraay woman Thelma Plum and Bachelorette alum Konrad Bień-Stephen are official.

On Friday night, Konrad hard launched the pair with the most adorable pics. They look utterly gorgeous together and I want them to be my mum and dad.

Why do hot-sexy-cool people being in love make me so happy?

The pair kicked off dating rumours in December last year when they were spotted getting cosy together at a National Gallery of Victoria’s gala event.

However, when asked about it in a Herald Sun interview Konrad Bién-Stephen said they were just friends. HMMM yeahhh right.

“Thelma and I, we’re friends and she is a beautiful person,” he said.

“Amazing musician and she looked amazing.”

Not only that, but on NYE Konrad Bién-Stephen shared a pic of the two locking lips on his Insta story.

Isn’t it crazy when Aussie celeb world’s collide? It’d be like Dr. Chris Brown suddenly dating Leigh Sales. My mind is blown.

The relationship comes months after the final episode of The Challenge aired on Channel 10, where Konrad was often canoodling fellow Bach alum Megan Marx. However, it’s been a lot longer since filming and according to Konrad that was just a one-off hook up.

A month before entering the show, Konrad had also just broken up with Abbie Chatfield. However, there isn’t much info about why they broke up as they’ve kept it pretty private and fair enough.

My man Konrad Bién-Stephen is like the Aussie Pete Davidson. His track record with beautiful women is insane and I tip my hat to him. Turns out nice guys actually finish first. So eat shit, incels.

Can’t wait to see what Thelmrad (yeah that couple name needs work) have in store for us.