Konrad Bień-Stephen & Thelma Plum Kick Up Dating Rumours After They ‘Turned Heads’ At An Event

thelma konrad dating rumours

Fire up the rumour mill again because apparently Konrad Bień-Stephen was spotted getting close with indie singer-songwriter Thelma Plum at an event in Melbourne on Saturday night.

Aussie gossip oracle So Dramatic! dropped the spicy tea on Monday, revealing the reality tv star and Gamilaraay musician were seen cosying up at the National Gallery of Victoria’s gala event.

Although they didn’t arrive at the event together, the Herald Sun noted they looked smitten, turned many a head and popped themselves front and centre for the night’s performance from G Flip and Baker Boy.

We had a peek at their socials — as is tradition with these things — and they’re currently following each other on Instagram, too. Cue the eyes emoji littering the group chat right now.

Bień-Stephen told the Herald Sun they’re mates but if these reports are anything to go by, we may have a red-hot new couple on our hands to tie of 2022.

“Thelma and I, we’re friends and she is a beautiful person,” he said.

“Amazing musician and she looked amazing.”

Look, the man’s not wrong — the silver gown Plum was wearing was beyond stunning.

thelma plum konrad bien-stephen dating rumours
GORG. [IMAGE: Getty Images / Sam Tabone]
Konrad himself looked pretty damn schmick too, wearing a full tails suit to the black tie event in Melbourne. We simply love to see a man in a well-tailored suit that actually fits his body properly.

None of this straight-out-of-Tarocash nonsense that litters the city toward the end of every year.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on these two as the dating rumours continue to swirl because honestly, we back it. All we want for Christmas is a nice little romance to blossom so we can end this God-awful year on a sweet note.