The Rumours Were Fkn Legit: Konrad Bién-Stephen Shared His NYE Pash With Thelma Plum On Insta

konrad bien-stephen thelma plum instagram midnight kiss new year's eve

Two days into the new year and we’ve got our first semi-hard launch of 2023. Konrad Bién-Stephen and Thelma Plum made their romance Insta official with an Insta story of their New Year’s midnight smooch.

Konrad shared a video of him and Thelma cuddling in the crowd at Falls Festival. As the countdown ended and midnight struck, they shared a trés steamy pash to ring in 2023.

Aussie gossip mongers So Dramatic! thankfully saved the Insta Story for posterity and those of us who missed it in the 24 hours it was live on Konrad’s account.

Truly doing the Lord’s work while everyone else is processing the last 48 hours. Thank you for your services.

The couple’s big snog is the first time either of them has publicly acknowledged their situation after rumours swirled they were hooking up earlier in December.

They were spotted at the National Gallery of Victoria’s annual gala event on December 10 looking mighty cosy with each other.

Bién-Stephen told the Herald Sun that he and Plum were “friends” and that she’s a “beautiful person” and an “amazing singer”. Look, he’s not wrong but it really read like a template statement to try and throw people off the scent.

Now he’s gone and blown the lid off things by sharing their New Year’s kiss with the whole world. Which, to be fair, could be a platonic peck but it really looked like a more-than-friends frenching.

We haven’t spied any more spicy sharing from either side of the smoochers but we’ll be keeping a very close eye on these two potential lovers to see if anything more develops between Thelma Plum and Konrad Bién-Stephen.

If anything, it’s some very fun summer goss to dissect over a bottle of wine on a balmy evening with the group chat. I’ll give them that much.