Abbie Chatfield Threw Shade At An Ex On Insta And Folks Think They’ve Figured Out Which One

Abbie Chatfield is madly in love and she’s telling the whole world about it. And we, as members of said world, are happily eating up the crumbs of info she feeds to us with a giant spoon known as social media. But the latest spot of intel isn’t just about her new boyfriend Adam Hyde (who also goes by Keli Holiday), it also appears to throw shade an ex.

In an Instagram Story, the Aussie influencer posted a selfie which read: “When the guy you’re dating is actually talented and you don’t have to pretend to like his art xx.”

Abbie Chatfield Insta Story

Abbie Chatfield’s savage Instagram Story. (Credit: Instagram / Abbie Chatfield / So Dramatic!)

The Insta Story was shared by the So Dramatic! podcast, which speculated that the post was likely about Abbie’s fellow The Bachelor star ex Konrad Bien-Stephen (remember when they were a thing?).

“Abbie Chatfield has thrown some not-so-subtle shade at her ex Konrad Bien-Stephen who previously tried his hand at painting!” So Dramatic! captioned their post.

People in the comments section of SD’s post have pointed out that Abbie didn’t actually indicate which ex she was referring to and there’s no way to connect the dots to Konrad.

“Are we sure this is aimed at Konrad though? She has dated other artists/musicians in the past and I don’t feel like Abbie is the kind of person to indirectly shade Konrad like that. Anyone else agree?” one person wrote.

“One of the things I adore most about Abbie is how direct and honest she is!”

“Is it really about Konrad though? Let’s get things straight before we walk around ‘throwing shade’ where it’s not warranted, that guy is Thelma Plum‘s BF so he’s doing just fine,” another fan wrote.

However, another commenter shared a story of that time she bought one of Abbie’s ex’s artwork just to support her and she low-key regrets it.

“When you were one of the silly gals who purchased a painting of his to try and support our queen. A brush taped to my vibrator would have done a better job,” they wrote.

Abbie Chatfield and Konrad

What a time that was. (Credit: Instagram / Abbie Chatfield)

Upon a quick Google search, I learned that Konrad is studying at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Melbourne — so the man definitely has a penchant for art. But whether or not the Instagram Story is referring to Konrad is still unclear.

‘Cos honestly, who among us hasn’t had a fuck boi shove their dreadful art down our throat, forcing us to muster up an Oscar-worthy performance? We’ve all been there and I’m sure Abbie has time and time agaim. She quite literally could be talking about any of her exes.

To refresh your memory because it feels like ancient history now, Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephen dated for 10 months in 2021 before splitting up, which was revealed while he was on The Challenge, a reality show featuring the dregs of Australia’s reality TV.

In response to our Instagram post, Abbie dropped a comment confirming the identity of the ex she’s shading: “It’s all of them,” she wrote.

Well that settles that then!