Kim Kardashian Sneakily Edited Her IG Caption After Fans Called Her Out For Shading Kourtney

Ah celebrities, they’re just like us. Because no matter how famous you are, there’s no greater equaliser than the sharp, calculated words of your sister to drop-kick you off your pedestal. And no one does it better than Kim Kardashian and her older sister Kourney Kardashian Barker

Over the years on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Kardashians, we’ve seen the pair beef over all sorts of things from their nanny’s behaviour with their kids, whether they help out their mum Kris Jenner enough or over trivial stuff, like that time when Kourtney said she didn’t want to be in Kim’s video game.

I don’t know about you, but the phrase “I’m not buying her a fucking pair of shoes, I bought her a fucking career,” will forever be etched into my mind.

But while many of their fights are extremely vocal, others can only be spotted by eagle-eyed fans who are actively searching, nay, yearning for the tea.

This weekend, Kim posted a carousel of bright and beautiful pics from the wedding of celebrity hairdresser Chris Appleton and The White Lotus actor Lukas Gage. The loved-up pair tied the knot in a Vegas wedding and lived out my dream by having their wedding officiated by the “Jam (Turn It Up)” singer.

How does it feel to be living my DREAM? (Credit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian @kimkardashian)

But here’s where the drama comes in.

Kim initially captioned the carousel will the following:

“There’s no one I would have officiated a rock n roll Vegas wedding for other than @chrisappleton1 and @lukasgage 🎲♥️💍♾️ and the surprise from @shaniatwain singing their song for them was ✨🪄 ”

Instantly, fans took that as the ultimate shade against her big sis, who as we all know, had her first (out of three) wedding to Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker in a little chapel in Vegas.

While you’d think I’m meant to remain objective as a journalist, I’m willing to bet my first born that the fans are one hundo per cent correct.

Kourtney has spent her entire relationship with Travis rebranding her image to be rocker-chick adjacent. You can’t tell me Kim’s very specific language of “rock n roll Vegas wedding” didn’t fkn mean ~something~.

What I see after the free booze I’d be guzzling at their wedding(s) (Credit: Instagram / Travis Barker @travisbarker)

With social media naturally going bonkers about literally anything Kim does, I was surprised to see that Kim changed the caption a few hours later.

“I was so honored to be able to officiate a wedding in Vegas!!! I couldn’t be happier for you both @chrisappleton1 and @lukasgage 🎲♥️💍♾️ and the surprise from @shaniatwain singing their song to them was ✨🪄 and I love the custom @ludovicdesaintsernin dress,” she wrote.

That’s it, I’m taking the edits as an admission of shade.

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While I’m certain this is some sisterly shade, some fans think that this is yet another scenario of momager Kris Jenner working her magic to promote the new season of The Kardashians which comes out later this month.

In the latest trailer of the reality show, Kourtney and Kim have beef over the wedding. In fact, Kourney accuses Kim of using her wedding as a branding opportunity.

Ouchie mama.

Look, my hot take is that these things aren’t mutually exclusive. Kim and Kourtney probably had some big ol’ beef about the wedding and Kris is just milking an authentic moment for as much as it’s worth.

As a complete Kardashian apologist and sucker, I am in hook, line and sinker.