Kim K Changed Her Insta Caption After Being Roasted For Forgetting How Human Biology Works

Oh, Kim Kardashian. Kim, Kim, Kim.

Our girl is a Libra, an astrological sign known for their flirtation, their idealism, and their indecisiveness. So when it comes to social media posts, I’m sure that Kim is often weighing up which of the hundreds of selfies she takes to post and which of the hundreds of captions she crafts to use with those posts. But sadly her lawyer brain did not steer her away from her recent caption choice which… would’ve been wise.

The reality star posted a bikini piccy with her big sister Kourtney Kardashian and captioned the pretty post with the following sentiment, “somehow in this crazy life we found each other.”

The post was immediately flooded with comments pointing out that Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian are, in fact, sisters, therefore the way in this crazy life that they ended up finding each other was via Kris Jenner’s vagina.

After scores of memes and roasts were rightfully generated online, Kim Kardashian then went to her backlog of Instagram captions and edited the one she chose to instead read: “Kourtney lost her earring in the ocean so I helped her find it.”

A much better choice, I feel. Snappy. Hilarious. A reference to the most iconic KUWTK moment. Superb!

Poor Kimmy just can’t catch a fucken’ break right now, can she?

She’s also in the midst of a ~scandal~ involving her daughter North West and *checks notes* North’s phantom artwork.

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian shared an epic pic that her daughter painted, writing: “My little artist North.”

After the internet called BS on the fact that North painted the piccy, the reality star posted an enraged response, insisting that her daughter did, in fact, paint the epic portrait.

Following all the batshit backlash (yes, there was BACKLASH over the whole thing), a woman claiming to be North’s art teacher’s daughter (???) weighed in on TikTok, of all goddamn places, sharing supposed evidence that the celebrity offspring is responsible for the painting. Compelling stuff, I tell ya.

Head here for more on that whole shitshow.