It Looks Like Kim K Unfollowed Miley Cyrus’s Insta After *That* NYE Special With Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian seems to have unfollowed Miley Cyrus after the latter’s NYE special with Pete Davidson, proving that people will go to great lengths over a man who looks like an edgy version of the main guy from Ratatouille (no, not Remy).

According to Page Six, Kimmy was deffo following Miley’s Instagram in early December. Specifically, a Miley fan account called @MileyEdition said that Kardashian was following Cyrus on December 10th, the day of Cyrus’s appearance with Davidson on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, proving there’s truly no rest for the stan accounts.

The timelines are aligning, I’m getting my pinboard and red string out of the cupboard as we speak.

Now, Kim Kardashian is no longer following Miley Cyrus’s Insta account, unless they both have secret finstas that we, the watchful public, aren’t privy to.

The Great Unfollow has come in the wake of  Pete Davidson co-hosting Cyrus’s live TV special, Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party.

As well as co-hosting, the pair performed a rendition of Will Smith‘s song Miami together, in a huge win for the scarily cool Twitter girlies. Slay, indeed.

Plus – as previously mentioned – Pete and Miley appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon together, where she serenaded him and sang the words “it should have been me”.

Afterwards, Page Six reported that Cyrus was seen leaving Davidson’s condo in Staten Island.

On the show, they told Jimmy Fallon that they got matching tattoos in 2017 after performing on Saturday Night Live together, which at the very least is extreme bestie vibes.

The plot thickens, my web of red yarn grows ever more complex.

Obvi, Kim and Pete have been reportedly dating for a couple of months now, after Kim hosted SNL. They’ve since become the world’s fave I-can’t-believe-they’re-dating-but-now-I’m-weirdly-invested couple.

On Wednesday the couple was seen jetting off to the Bahamas together, so we can probably safely assume that they’re still together.

Honestly, after the last two years, I’m loath to describe anything as unexpected, but Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus potentially being two points in a love triangle is definitely up there.

That being said, Miley and Pete seem like they’re just close pals and Miley does still follow Kim on Insta. Perhaps the unfollow was simply the work of an accidental thumb tap, or maybe North West was just causing chaos on her mum’s Insta again.