The Miley Cyrus MTV Unplugged Performance Is Full Of .Gifworthy Bangerz

Yes, you have already guessed correctly, there really was nary even a hint of subtlety in sight at Miley Cyrus‘s special MTV Unplugged performance. She herself said, “I tried to bring Nashville here for the night” and true to her word she whipped her Tennessee out for a full set of Bangerz, with the help of some friends i.e. Madonna.

The .gifs generously provided by MTV, for roundups such as this, are sure to carve out a comfortable home for themselves in ‘reaction gif’ desktop folders the world over and, predictably, allow for high levels of sass:

‘Me arriving at your funeral’

Acceptable as a standalone.

Nailing it.

Going to leave it to other sites to express outrage for the use of another human being as a ‘prop’ but

‘Twas the night of dat ass, when all through house
All creatures were twerking, yes, even a horse;
The denim jackets were lose, and sequined with care,
In hopes that they, and the denim triangle bikini, would add some flair.

Unconfirmed whether the House of Chanel are happy with their new affiliation with ripped denim situations:

Making her way downtown, thrusting fast / Horses pass and *vag slap sound*

A cover of her godmother’s classic:

As someone who has been shown (against their will) a video of a full-grown horse having sex with a man, this is hateful and un-chill and I will not stand for it (will republish it tho):

Thas’ righ’

And now, Madonna, BRINGS THE CRINGE:

“Your hair looks sexy pushed forward”

You can see more videos/gifs on the MTV site/tumblr.