Kim Turned Her Mansion Into A Haunted House For Halloween Bc What’s Spookier Than The 1%?

Kim Karadashian mansion haunted house tour halloween

Kim Kardashian, the scariest girlboss, has transformed her home into a haunted mansion because there’s nothing more insidious than the horrifically rich, amirite?

The spooky billionaire shared a video to TikTok where she gave a tour of her house. I forget how much you can do when you have money because this is a whole theme park!!!

The video began with a shot of the front of her house, complete with white plaster hands which poked out of the soil, statues of cult members up to demonic activities while seated around a campfire, and huge mound of skulls and bones which she described as “skeleton trees” she had made.


Perfect Halloween 2022

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“My favourite part are these hands,” she said, referring to her zombie garden bed.

“They were all moulded. These are my kids’ hands… my nieces’ and nephews’ hands. You can see some of our friends’ hands. Everyone that we know and that wanted to come over for a little hand mould. You can see mine from when I had nails on.”

She even had a fake knife in her chef’s hand. I have to admit the attention to detail is kinda cool.

I wonder if her hand mould has a useable replica of her finger print? Asking for a friend.

Around Kim’s front door was a massive arch made of skulls, which I can only presume were fake and not the heads of her enemies.

Kim also toured the inside of her home, which opened up into a wide, long, very spooky hallway covered in cobwebs and life-sized mummies, who we can also only presume were casts and not her enemies.

To make it all even spookier, in the background of Kim’s tour you could hear screaming and crying. I thought that was just the sound effects, until she joked that she didn’t know what the kids were watching. HMMM. Someone send in an investigative team to search her lair ASAP.

The whole look of her mansion’s design was is in a “tonal” colour palette because of course even Kim’s Halloween ornaments have to be as white as… the rest of her home and decor. What did you think I was going to say there?

Look, say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but I can’t lie… these Halloween decorations are sick AF. Too bad I doubt anyone could actually come up to her door for trick or treating.