Kim Kardashian Did A House Tour & The Best Bit Is Clearly North West’s Bearded Dragon Painting

Kim Kardashian has opened the doors to her Calabasas mansion and once again, I am asking politely if I can move in.

In a new video for VOGUE Kim shared some of her most valued Objects of Affection including my favourite, North’s art collection. And as a bonus, the video was a bit of a sneaky house tour too.

So much cream! A chic basketball court! A meadow of wildflowers! I’ll sleep in the laundry, I don’t care.

The house was designed by king of minimalism Axel Vervoordt and let me tell you, his reputation is accurate. I’ll say it again: So. Much. Cream.

Kimmy described the space as calming. That makes sense given it’s so big that you could probably manage not to see another living soul for a week.

“I find that there’s so much chaos when I’m out in the world that when I come home I just want it to be really really quiet,” Kim said.

“I want everything to feel calming.

“Shockingly, four kids hasn’t messed up my cream house!”

An impressive feat, I’ll give Kim that. She also said each of her kids (NorthSaintPsalm and Saint) had their own themed bedrooms.

“One is pink, one is purple, one is blue, one is dinosaurs,” she said. Whichever child has the dinosaur bedroom clearly has impeccable taste.

In the video, Kim Kardashian broke down her most treasured objects.

By far and away the best treasured possession was North’s collections of paintings. It featured that infamous watercolour, as well as my new favourite North painting: a bearded dragon.

You don’t understand, I’m obsessed. We absolutely stan a multitalented queen. TikTok chaos agent and artiste in the making.

Kim also showed a charcoal drawing that North did while she was in COVID-19 isolation.

“Maybe that was just her emo mood,” Kim reflected.

Look, as someone who spent countless hours of my tweens trying (and failing) to draw British YouTubers, I totally empathise. Plus, North is clearly actually a talented painter, unlike my 12 year-old self.

There were also a couple of other sentimental objects in her collection. Number one was a lock of her hair and accompanying letter from her dad, Robert Kardashian.

She also pointed out trunks that Kris Jenner made for her and sisters when they were kids. The trunks contain a load of very sweet childhood mementos, including all her birthday cards and old pics.

Kim revealed that she keeps the trunk in the sitting room attached to her bedroom. Yes, it’s all done in cream and yes, it contains the two comfiest looking chairs I’ve ever seen.

Kim said she used the room to drink tea and write letters to her kids. Ah, the lives of the rich and famous. She also got out all of her kids’ baby books which are, predictably, adorable.

The stand-out for me was North’s, where she pointed out “her first VOGUE shoot”. Imagine having your first VOGUE shoot at the age of 0! The mind boggles.

The other objects of affection weren’t so much as objects as symbols of Kim’s incredible wealth, including a basketball court and her three custom grey cars. And no, not your average Mazda. She brought out a Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and her “baby”, a Maybach.

In my opinion the highlight (other than North’s bearded dragon) was the vegetable garden and wild meadow outside the mansion. According to Kim, the whole family get together to pick and eat the fruit and veggies.

It’s decided: I will not rest until I’m invited to the Kardashian family fruit-gathering outing. I’ve been rooting for Kim to enter her cottagecore era and finally here we are.