Twitter is literally a Khloe vs Chloë war zone right now.

After Kim Kardashian‘s explosive Snapchat yesterday [and if those words quell a deep, irresistible urge to proclaim “This is not news!!!!!!!!!”, then you might want to log off now and put on ABC 24 or something] and Taylor Swift‘s fiery response, members of T-Swift’s squad and Kimmy K’s fam have been jumping into the fray.

First, Selena Gomez spoke up and immediately got dragged. 

We checked; she hasn’t.

Then Chloë Grace Moretz jumped in with a similar vibe. 

Kim has many flaws, sure, but not speaking out about ‘real issues’ isn’t one of them. Pick your battles, guys.

NEXT, Khloé Kardashian went out to bat for Kim and attacked Chloë-with-a-C, sending out this very bad tweet. 

Look. It is extremely bad. The censorship is ours.

Chloë replied to say that the second image – a candid shot that shows a blonde girl with her swimmers really unfortunately pulled too far sideways – wasn’t actually her, offering proof in the full-length shot that clearly shows her swimmer bottoms were blue.

Ruby Rose – another (sorta) member of T-Swift’s squad (she was at her most recent 4th of July party) – also lashed out at Khloé-with-a-K.

This whole thing got very dirty, very quickly. Khloé tried to justify her misjudged tweet by claiming insomnia and something bizarre about Spongebob, but didn’t delete it all the same.

The drama continues, and we are all here living for it.

Photo: Instagram / @chloegmoretz; Getty / Jon Kopaloff.