A Tuft Of ‘Holy Grass’ From Kanye West’s Sunday Service Is Being Sold For $570

Hope you didn’t blow all your cashola on bevvies over the weekend ‘coz here’s a hot item that you’ll want to spend your hard-earned dollarydoos on: Grass from Kanye West‘s Sunday Service.

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Several tufts of green from West’s gospel performances are being flogged on eBay with prices varying from $10 to $570.

The rare item, dubbed the ‘Holy Grass’ by one sacred seller, is described as “grass fresh cut blessed by the sound of Kanye’s voice and Kid Cudi’s humming” and is marked as a pre-owned good.

And here’s a snap of the glorious green:

*soft angelic tones play in the background*

Kanye kicked off the musical /spiritual celebration earlier this year which involves a choir performing gospel renditions of his music for a carefully selected audience of friends and fam.

He recently brought the highly publicised event to Coachella, where it’s believed 50,000 people were in attendance.

Last week, it was reported that West was selling “church clothes” from the Coachella show on his website.

Prices range from $225 for a crewneck sweatshirt to $50 for a two-pack of the Jesus Walks socks or, if you wanna go for the rogue sellers, $570 for a tuft of grass.