Tumblr Icon Justgirlythings Reveals She Is Engaged To A Woman, And Is Now Posting Gay Memes


Literal Tumblr legend and cultural icon, Justgirlythings, has officially come out as a lesbian, and the internet is collectively shaking at the news. We stan a queen.

Becky Campos, who ran the internet-famous ‘justgirlythings’ page on Tumblr (which is still active ten years later), confirmed on her Instagram page @justgirlyblog that she and her fiancée are very much in love, after the internet began to speculate about her sexuality due to the nature of her posts shifting drastically.

The blog, which mainly features women doing a whole range of activities with some white text plastered over it, has basically become a meme staple, and rose to Tumblr fame back in 2010-2014, when the app was in its… uhh… ‘prime’. (A dark time, let’s move on.)

“Well… since a thread blew up on Twitter about me being a lesbian I thought I’d officially just reintroduce myself to those of you who don’t know. My name’s Becky. I created this blog when I was 13 with the help of a few girls,” Campos wrote on Instagram.

“Somehow I brought joy to girls and boys all across the world… and that’s all I really could’ve asked for when creating this. The above picture is me and my fiancée, Chelsi.”

She turned her own relationship! Into! A justgirlythings meme! We stan the growth! We stan the range!


Now in case you were wondering why people just assumed this content creator from ten years ago was a lesbian, have a gander at the iconic memes she was creating just before she officially came out.

Something every girl can relate to, the power of lesbianism. Honestly, it is iconic to see that she was using her meme page to reflect her true feelings. That’s legendary.


Users on Twitter quickly took notice of these memes taking a quick turning to ‘wlw’ content (women who love women), and began to ask whether or not the Tumblr legend of old had joined the list of internet legends to come out.


Naturally, the internet celebrated the ‘win’ in justgirlythings coming out, and called the moment a cultural reset.