How The Fuck Did The Babadook Become A Gay Icon?

If you watched the film ‘The Babadook‘ with an even vaguely analytical eye, you might think that the titular Babadook is not an actual monster, but rather a symbolic manifestation of the grief experienced by the mother, Amelia. You would be wrong.

While it is true that the Babadook is not an actual monster, what’s clear is that he’s not a metaphor for anything, he is, in fact, a gay icon.

Maybe you’re thinking that you didn’t really feel the Babadook putting off mad gay vibes during his limited screen time and, frankly, shame on you. How the Babadook presents himself has nothing to do with his sexuality – he’s a fantastical nightmare creature, not a stereotype.

More pointedly, though, you might be asking how people came to determine that the Babadook was, in fact, homosexual. As with anything that happens on the internet, the roots are murky, but it all seems to stem from this rather tenuous placement of ‘The Babadook‘ in the ‘LGBT‘ category on Netflix.

Source: Reddit / Sterish.

Tumblr’s queer teens – the source of nearly all internet LGBTQIA culture – absolutely ran with it, and seem to be having a wonderful time.

Obviously, with a claim this bold, there is some dissent.

I, for one, completely agree. The Babadook is bisexual, and also my husband.

Photo: Twitter / @melongifts.