Mean Girls Star Jonathan Bennet & His BF Are Officially Engaged & The Pics Have Me Weeping

Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett, 39, and his boyfriend Jaymes Vaughan, 37, have finally gotten engaged, and the pictures have me sobbing like a child. Love exists and these two are the only proof.

Bennett and Vaughan posted the pics to their respective Instagrams, celebrating the engagement, and I have become a big gay mess.

“I’ve been dreaming about proposing to Jonathan for a long time, I wanted to make sure somebody was capturing it all so I could see his face at that moment over and over again,” Vaughan told People Magazine in an exclusive interview.

“I said yes! And ugly cried like a crazy person,” Bennett wrote in his Instagram caption.

“So excited to share this moment, from the custom rings he had made for us with @kayjewelers to the song he wrote and sang for me. Can’t wait to show you the video this week. But for right now just this moment of joy.”

So yeah, we’ll be getting a video of the whole thing too, which just signals to me that I do not own nearly enough tissues.

Jonathan Bennett, who of course made his fame via the cult classic Mean Girls, has since become an absolute gay icon, and his post even got a comment from fellow Mean Girls actor Daniel Franzese.

“When I saw Jaymes take a knee I was so excited I just started hysterically screaming because I didn’t know how to express myself properly,” Bennett told People. 

“There was a moment when you feel like ‘Oh, this is forever, I understand it.’ I screamed ’Yes’ immediately. Actually, it was, ’Yes! Of course!’”

Naturally, Vaughan also posted the pics on his Insta, just so I could be reminded that this is the ultimate power couple. He also mentions that he made a custom ring for Bennett, and God, that’s all a girl can ask for y’know.

A big old congratulations to the happy couple. If you need me, I’ll be flicking through these photos and crying as I await the beautiful video, which is sure to be full of joyful screams.