Here’s something utterly bananas to liven up an otherwise dreary Tuesday: There was, almost certainly unwittingly, an enormous cameo on last night’s episode of Married At First Sight. And unbelievably, it involves a major cast member from Breaking Bad.

As it turns out, Jonathan Banks, he of Mike Ehrmantrout fame, made a casual appearance in the background of a shot during Tamara and Dan‘s wedding preparations. It’s just that no one on the show seemed to notice it.

PEDESTRIAN.TV was alerted to Banks’ presence in the episode by an eagle-eyed fan on Twitter by the name of Hamish Doake a short time ago.

Puzzled, confused, totally at sea, we investigated further.

Sure enough, right at 33:32 in the episode, there he is. Very famous US actor Jonathan Banks, in full-Dad red and white checked slip ons, applauding a clearly oblivious Tamara as she exits her hotel.

Jonathan Banks From ‘Breaking Bad’ Unwittingly Wound Up On ‘MAFS’ Last Night

Tamara barely even acknowledges him! He cops a bare half-glance and that’s it. As far as she’s concerned, it’s just some random Dad having a laugh.

So how the hell did this come about?

We know that Banks was in Sydney in late October last year where he, among other things, attended a tech product launch ran by HP at Beta Bar near Hyde Park. MAFS was very much in-production at that stage, having begun shooting on the current season in late August.

We’ve reached out to producers of the show to provide some clarity on just how the hell Jonathan By-God Banks wound up in the background of a 3-second Married At First Sight shot. But, at least on paper, it seems like this is possibly one of the wildest coincidences in recent Australian TV history and nothing more.

Sometimes, folks, you just get real lucky without even realising it.