Chris Lilley Met The Jonas Brothers For History’s Most Confusing Collab

The Jonas Brothers and Chris Lilley have been photographed roaming around New York City, suggesting some kind of ungodly collaboration between the late-2000s stars.

[jwplayer pOv0yCqQ]

TMZ reports the musos and Lilley, creator of Summer Heights High and Netflix’s new series Lunatics, were spotted hanging out around town.

While the siblings were decked out as per usual, Lilley took to the streets as his Lunatics character Keith Dick, a wannabe fashion designer. The bloke also dragged around a clothes rack full of ‘his’ ‘designs’.

It’s yet to be seen if this suggests some kind of merch team-up, but we guess some cooked tees would be better than donning blackface for a laugh. 

It is also unclear how these two parties came together, though it is conceivable that Nick Jonas became a fan during his time as a judge on The Voice Australia. 

There’s also every chance Lilley was just… there, rolling around some props, and happened to bump into the trio. Who knows.

The Jonas Brothers are busy promoting their comeback record Happiness Begins, while Lilley is obviously still pretty chuffed about Lunatics. We’ll let you know what eventuates from this whole situation, and if the Jonas Brothers decide to nuke their ascendant careers by collaborating with S.mouse.