Chris Lilley’s New Netflix Series Feat. Fresh Characters Drops Next Week

Chris Lilley Lunatics

Chris Lilley, the comedic force behind We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High and iconic characters such as precocious schoolgirl Ja’mie King and Celine Dion-obsessed drama teacher Mr G, is returning to our screens with a brand new show called Lunatics.

Chris Lilley Lunatics
New character Quentin. Image: Netflix

Hitting streaming service Netflix on April 19, the 10-part series Lunatics brings us six brand-new characters including Becky, a 7’3″ tall Uni student, Quentin, a ponytailed real estate agent who aspires to be a DJ, as well as Joyce, a former adult film star now living in suburbia and Jana, a pet psychic to the stars.

Chris Lilley Lunatics
Another new face, Joyce. Image: Netflix

Basically, all six of these new folks are very ~special~ in their own way, and the official synopsis for the series explains that “as eccentric and odd as they all are, they are scarily recognisable types and they teach us that it’s ok to just be you.”

Check out the exclusive first-look trailer and all the new faces below:

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Lunatics is the first project for Lilley since his 2014 ABC series Jonah From Tonga. Lunatics filmed on location in Queensland and was first announced last year by QLD premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, who said at the time that the production would generate $6.35m for the local economy.

The series drops on Friday, April 19 on Netflix, so that’s your weekend’s viewing sorted.