Jeffree Star Spills About “Dark, Ugly Stuff” Happening With Ex In Wild Tell-All YouTube Vid

Makeup guru Jeffree Star has spilled some spicy deets about his shocking split from BF Nathan Schwandt after five years together.

The 34-year-old YouTuber spoke out about his split in a new video posted to his popular YouTube channel.

In the video, Jeffree discussed being quarantined in his new home, as well as the state of his business amid the global pandemic, and provided an update on his personal life, including his highly publicised breakup.

He opened up about a recent online drama, in which he changed the title and description of one of his videos about surprising his boyfriend with his dream car, an Aston Martin, confirming that the surprise was BS.

“I always dreamed of having an Aston Martin…I always wanted one, I got one, and we had a moment where we were like, ‘Oh my God, let’s create a video, and just kind of like do fish out of water and make something up,’” he explained.

“I regret saying that because I don’t ever want anyone to have doubt, like, oh my God, did Jeffree fake x, y and z? You all know my relationship was very real, and I think I acted out because I am kind of going through it,” he admitted.

“There’s a lot of stuff, really dark, ugly stuff happening behind-the-scenes since the breakup. I’ve been devastated, honestly.

“I don’t wanna say that because I’m afraid of being degraded online. I’m afraid of people misconstruing what I’m saying and going with it somewhere else. I’ve been going through it, I really have. I haven’t told anyone that. I haven’t vented or said a word, but it’s been rough….right now, I don’t want to talk about anything else…legally, for my protection, I don’t really wanna say anything.”

Catch the full video below: