Jeffree Star’s Break-Up Announcement Is The #1 Trending Video In The World Right Now

After weeks of fan speculation, Jeffree Star has taken to YouTube to announce his break up from long-term partner Nathan Schwandt.

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“I never thought the day would come where I’d be sitting here talking about this,” Jeffree began, in a video aptly-titled ‘We Broke Up.’ The video itself has already amassed over 14 million views in 10 hours, and currently sits atop YouTube’s worldwide trending list.

According to Jeffree, Nathan just wasn’t ready for all of the fame and notoriety, with his life in the public eye starting to negatively impact his mental health.

“Imagine not wanting to be famous,” Jeffree explained. “I know that’s probably shocking to a lot of people. [But] he doesn’t want to leave his house and have people bother him, and I have to respect that. My life is so public, and I think it just got to a breaking point… where it just wasn’t healthy.”

“Now, he is my one and only true love and when you are watching someone you love go through really harsh things, and depression, and anxiety, and you can’t fix it and you want to so bad, it’s devastating, so we’ve both been really going through it.”

“He really wanted a breather from all of the social media, and I respected it fully… If it’s unhealthy, let’s remove it.”

To add to all of the craziness, Jeffree revealed that family members have been major slithery snakes: “We’re over here heart broken, dealing with our emotions, dealing with things behind the scenes and off camera, and there’s family trying to tell the media fake stories and get money out of it.” Ooooft.

At the end of the day, though, Jeffree remained composed, and ensured his fans that there was no real drama. “There’s no crazy gossip. There’s no tea… Me and Nathan will be friends forever.”

“I will always have love for him. Are we in love with each other? No.”

Check out the full video below.