Holy Shit, The Shady Dude On Clickbait Is The Same Shady Dude From H20: Just Add Water

**WARNING: This article contains spoilers**

I just finished plowing through Netflix’s spicy series Clickbait and I am REELING from both the wild-ass plot twist and one sneaky surprise that I don’t think anyone else has spotted yet.

The thriller series is set in the States but mostly filmed in Melbourne, and features several Aussie actors, including one bloke who I recognised from one of Australia’s very best TV shows.

So remember the villain bloke, Daryl? The creep who kidnapped Andy’s boyfriend on Devil Wears Prada?

Did he look familiar to you at all?

Well, the actor’s name is Jamie Timony, best known for his role in popular Aussie kids series H20: Just Add Water, about teen gals who transform into mermaids with magic powers when they touch water.

The series starred Phoebe Tonkin, Claire Holt, Cariba Heine and Indiana Evans as the fishy friends, and Jamie played the villain, a troublemaker by the name of Nate.

In fact, in one scene on Clickbait where we see Daryl’s Facebook, it’s revealed that his middle name is Nate, which absolutely cannot be a coincidence.

Nate wasn’t nearly as menacing as Daryl, but he was definitely a pain in the ass (or should that be ‘pain in the tail’?) and plagued the girls’ lives for all three seasons of the show.

Jamie pretty much hasn’t stopped acting since H20: Just Add Water swam away from our screens back in 2010.

He’s starred in flicks like Sleeping Beauty, The Hunter, and Tracks, and is also the lead singer of local band, These New South Wales.


Head here to check out his Insty and, ofc, Clickbait is now streaming on Netflix. I defs recommend giving it a watch, if ya haven’t already!