Netflix’s New Series ‘Clickbait’ Will Be Filmed And Produced Right Here In Melbourne

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Netflix has just announced its second ever Australian original drama series in an effort to increase its Aussie content following calls from Federal Communications Minister Paul Fletcher.

Clickbait is the second drama series to be produced in Australia, following Tidelands in December 2018, according to Business Insider. Netflix has also released Chris Lilley‘s Lunatics and Hannah Gadsby‘s Nanette, which are both Australian programs.

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The news of the new show comes two months after Netflix opened its first office in Australia.

The series will be produced as part of the Australian Federal Government’s Location Incentive Program, which gives grants to international film and production companies to film in Australia. They also capitalised on a Victorian incentive program, which means it’ll be shot and produced within the state.

“Clickbait demonstrates the ingenuity of Victorian creatives, who after many years of honing their talents, are in demand by Hollywood and have created a production that has caught the eye of global powerhouse Netflix,” Victorian Minister for Creative Industries Martin Foley said.

The platform has partnered with Tony Ayers and David Heyman to create the eight-episode thriller that Netflix says will “explore the ways in which our most dangerous and uncontrolled impulses are fuelled in the age of social media.”

Although the show will be shot and produced in Victoria, the story actually takes place in the US.

“We’re all thrilled that we are able to partner with Netflix on a passion project which we hope will have real global reach and impact,” Ayres said. “We are equally delighted to produce this US show in Melbourne. It’s an opportunity to showcase the international level of Australian talent both behind and in front of the camera.”

The Australian government is working hard to increase the amount of Netflix, Youtube and other streamed entertainment productions that are produced in Australia. This is largely because streaming services don’t have obligations to air local content, whereas free-to-air TV has to air a minimum of 55% local content.

According to Federal Minister for Communications, the Arts and Cyber Safety, Paul Fletcher the production will bring “more than $36m of new international investment to our shores”.