‘Cats’ Star James Corden Admitted He Hasn’t Seen It, Which Might Be For The Best

I want to watch Cats so badly. I have read the reviews, which practically fizz with disbelief at nearly everything the movie presents. I have clocked the recent marketing efforts and social media posts, all of which buckle under the weight of its one-star write-ups. Even before the flick hit cinemas overseas, I came around on those harrowing CGI visuals and the movie’s stunning non-plot. I am actually a bit giddy for Boxing Day and Cats‘ debut on local screens. If all goes to plan, it will be a little hungover treat to myself.

[jwplayer W6panGZf]

But, as it turns out, my enthusiasm for the flick is not shared by James Corden, who is actually in the fucking thing. Speaking on BBC Radio’s The Zoe Ball Show on Monday, Corden admitted that he hasn’t yet seen his portrayal of aristocratic cat Bustopher Jones.

“I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen it. I’ve heard it’s terrible,” Corden said.

After being informed that some folks out there like it without a shred of irony, Corden said “Well, that has always been the musical Cats. I’ll catch it one day, I imagine.”

While we don’t know what his final take will be, here’s Corden describing the role in a segment presumably filmed before reviewers clapped eyes on the film:

Fucking glorious.

You can catch Corden’s admission here at the 2:21:20 mark.