‘Cats’ Is Copping Some Improved Visuals And Just Give Us Jason Derulo’s Dick You Cowards

Cats, Jason Derulo

It’s common practice these days for video games to get patched after release, to improve their visuals and iron out glitches. It seems that’s happening with movies now, too, with a new, improved version of Cats going out to cinemas this week.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, a memo went around to theatre owners overnight advising them that a new, updated version of the film is on its way, featuring “some improved visual effects” and an unchanged runtime.

While it’s debatable that anything could be done to actually fix the nightmare fever dream that is Cats, there is one improvement we’d desperately like to see: Jason Derulo‘s dick.

Derulo, whose bulge is a celebrity unto itself, recently went on Andy Cohen‘s radio show, and told the host that there’d been some shenanigans around his junk:

“You’re in tights in Cats,” Cohen begins, “makes me think maybe they…”

“CGI-ed the dick out,” Derulo unashamedly chimes in. “Yeah, they did CGI… I noticed that.”

“You think that they airbrushed your penis out of Cats…?” Cohen asks.

“125%. I literally, I could see it in the trailer.”


So there you have it. Do the right thing and restore Jason Derulo’s dick to its former glory, you cowards.

The film opens in Australia on Boxing Day.