Jason Derulo Reckons His Giant Peen Was Edited Out Of ‘Cats’ & Once Again, Love That For Him

Jason Derulo‘s manhood has been through a lot, as of late. First it was blasted onto Instagram, before being removed, prompting the hashtag #bringbackanaconda. Then it was offered a 6-figure deal by a porn site, to which its owner, Derulo, responded, “need a wayyyy bigger bag than that”. Now, the latest dick-scapade involves Derulo’s upcoming project, Cats, and some supposed CGI claims.

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Derulo recently stopped by Sirius XM’s Andy Cohen Live, and, well, Cohen wasted no time in cutting to the chase.

“You’re in tights in Cats,” Cohen begins, “makes me think maybe they…”

“CGI-ed the dick out,” Derulo unashamedly chimes in. “Yeah, they did CGI… I noticed that.”

“You think that they airbrushed your penis out of Cats…?” Cohen asks.

“125%. I literally, I could see it in the trailer.”

“You’re like, ‘they took my genitalia out of the “Cats”…?


Well, once again, love that for him.

Derulo’s playing Rum Tug Tugger in the upcoming flick, which is set for an Australian release on Boxing Day, and surely the irony of that name cannot be lost.

Speaking with TMZ a while back, Derulo vehemently denied rumours that the OG peen pic was photoshopped. “Photoshop? Photoshop?… Just know that us Haitians, we look different.”

Check out the conversation snippet below. God bless Cohen and his prying ways.