Umm… Jason Derulo’s Name Isn’t Actually Jason Derulo, So We’ve All Been Singing Fkn Lies

jason derulo real name

It’s difficult to think of a celebrity who loves the sound of their own name more than Jason Derulo does, but it turns out that’s because he fucking made it up.

Yes. Jason Derulo. JaSon DeRuUuloOoo. More like Jason Derul-no, that’s not your real name.

Our boy JD is making headlines yet again, and for once it’s not about his penis or the god-awful movie Cats. This time, it’s about the fact that Jason ~Derulo~ is a fucking alias.

According to my rough calculations, Jason mentions his own name at least 15 times across his catalogue of music, which is a bit rich considering it’s not his actual name.

If you were wondering, his real name is Jason Joel Desrouleaux and my whole entire life has been a big, fat lie.

In his defence, Desrouleaux is likely pronounced “Derulo.” Derulo’s family are from Haiti, where French is an official language, which likely explains the spelling of his last name. Regardless, this is fucking huge news.

But as anyone with a slightly unusual last name could tell you, its a tough gig constantly correcting people every time they butcher your name. Kudos to Jason for stylising the phonetic spelling in what I can only assume is a way to dumb it down for the rest of us who would’ve struggled with Desrouleaux.

We can all thank Twitter user @thatsokeshaun for making this huge discovery and sending us all into a meltdown.

Despite the similarities in the names, and the likelihood that this was just Jason’s way of avoiding having to constantly correct people, the internet has still gone absolutely wild over this discovery.