James Corden Admits He Has Some Regrets About The Disaster That Was ‘Cats’

James Corden

James Corden has admitted that he has some regrets about appearing in the critically-panned and commercially-disastrous Cats. You might even say he’s … in his felines about it.

He spoke about it on a recent episode of The Late Late Show, when he and his guest Justin Bieber were playing a game of ‘Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts’.

Bieber asked James Corden on a scale of one to ten how much he regretted doing the movie musical, and rather than eat a serving of cod sperm, he actually answered:

“So, 1 is the least and 10 is the most? Well, here’s the thing, I had the loveliest time making that film. It took me six days and I loved every single second of it. So, I think you’ve got to be careful not to… you’ve got to decide things on your own personal experience, and I had a really great time. So, I don’t regret doing it at all because I decided to do it in the same way I decided to do many things. Some have worked, some haven’t. So, I’m gonna put it at a solid 5.”

After some laughter from the audience, the host amended his answer to a 4.5.

James Corden and Rebel Wilson appeared in cat costumes to mock their movie at the Academy Awards. He has previously admitted that he left the premiere of the movie early, saying only “I heard it’s terrible.” You can watch the segment below: