Insiders Spill Tea About Jake Paul & Zayn Malik’s Scrap That Awakened The Wrath Of Gigi Hadid

A few days back, I gained a newfound respect for Gigi Hadid after she absolutely obliterated whiny YouTuber Jake Paul over his shitty interaction with her BF Zayn Malik.

Now, an insider from Paul’s camp has given us more deets about exactly what went down.

Insiders claim the One Direction singer was approached by the social media star, who is said to have been rather intoxicated at the time, alongside his pals following the Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder match in Las Vegas on Saturday.

It is believed that Malik declined the offer, then fired back: “I don’t give a fuck if you have a good night”, before returning to his room at the MGM Grand.

Insiders close to Jake, who is said to have Jake narrowly avoided a physical altercation with a member of the crowd, told TMZ: “Jake was making his way back to his room when he spotted Zayn and co. getting off the elevator. Jake asked if they were partying.

“Jake was taken aback by the abruptness of the remark. He ran into Zayn again in the hotel hallway a bit later and attempted to clear the air about their spat. Zayn yelled ‘Who the fuck do you think you are?!’ at Jake, before asking if he wanted to ‘test’ him.”

However, sources from Malik’s side reportedly told the publication: “Jake was drunkenly pestering Zayn to come party, even though Zayn had already said no.”

In Paul’s now-deleted tweets, he accused the singer of telling him “to fuck off for no reason when I was being nice to him” when they crossed paths in Las Vegas, adding that he “literally started yelling and freaking the fuck out.”

Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid

Paul later deleted his tweets and blamed the whole thing on the booze:

“Someone needs to take my phone when i’m drunk because I am a fucking idiot.”