Jake Paul Appears To Delete Zayn Malik Tweets After Gigi Hadid Nuked Him From Orbit

Internet historians may look back February 2020 as the beginning of the end of YouTuber Jake Paul, but it won’t be because of his dubious online course, nor will it be because of his assertion that people with anxiety can just, you know, turn it off. The megastar’s career may have been mortally wounded by model Gigi Hadid, who eviscerated Paul for mocking her partner Zayn Malik.

The damage is so bad that Paul, famously sure of his own opinion, now appears to have admitted fault – sort of.

In case you missed it, Paul made headlines overnight for laying into former One Direction singer Malik on Twitter, accusing the singer of telling him “to fuck off for no reason when I was being nice to him” when they crossed paths in Las Vegas.

Paul also accused Malik of being a diva, saying he “literally started yelling and freaking the fuck out.”

Malik didn’t need to return serve, because Hadid, his partner, executed the hit for him. Taking to Twitter herself, Hadid wrote that Malik didn’t want to spend time with an “embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies” and would rather be “Home alone with his best friends like a respectful king”.

The fallout has been immediate and spectacular, if you put any kind of stock into celebrity beefs involving overpaid YouTubers. Paul was so thoroughly chastened that he appears to have deleted his initial tweets, replacing them with this:

That’s a W to the Hadid-Malik camp, as far as we see it. More news as it comes to hand.