It Looks Like Real Housewife Lisa Oldfield Just Announced Her Divorce On IG

It’s hard to say for sure what the selection criteria are to be chosen as one of the eponymous Real Housewives of a ‘Real Housewives‘ show, but it is pretty evident that they are not looking for boring things like ‘stability’ or ‘not being an insane person’.
The franchise works so well because every single person on the show is a wildcard who could do anything at any moment (although most of that time that ‘anything’ is just throwing a drink in someone’s face). One minute they could be accusing a fellow Housewife of communicating with demons (real example), the next they could be announcing their divorce by a shitty e-card post on Instagram (also real example).
If we’re to treat Lisa Oldfield‘s IG as an incontrovertible factual text (which it surely is), she’s splitting from hubby David Oldfield, who you might know as co-founder of One Nation, the racist party of racists.
Yes, it seems that Lisa (gun, snake, and doomsday prepping enthusiast) is kicking this “#motherfucker” to the “#kerb“:

Kicking this #motherfucker to the #kerb #byedave #byefelicia

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We wish them the best of luck in their proceedings / the argument they’re having right now that lead to this post.
Source: Instagram / Lisalocks16.
Photo: Getty Images / Don Arnold.