Welp, ‘It: Chapter 2’ Reportedly Boasts The Bloodiest Scene In Horror History

After the runaway success of the absurdly spooky 2017 adaptation of It, the all grow’d up sequel has been full-steam ahead in terms of production. With a release date in September looming for It: Chapter 2, we’re starting to learn a few sneaky things about the adult adventures of The Losers Club. And thanks to Jessica Chastain, we know that at least one scene in the film is fixing to be historically bloody.

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Chastain appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon yesterday to promote a raft of things she’s got on the boil at the moment, and in the process let slip a minor, but gory, spoiler from the set the spooky sequel.

Namely, that there’s one scene in particular that apparently features more blood than any scene in any other horror movie ever.


While that comes from an anecdotal on-set quip, it’s still a bold as hell claim.

Think about the bar that has to clear. We’re talking more blood than other lords of the genre like the lawnmower scene from Braindead, the blood rave from Blade, the drenching scene from Carrie, or even the elevator scene from The Shining.

More blood in one scene than any of those.

If true, that’s gonna be certainly a sight to behold.

Might wanna check out of this one if you’re a bit squeamish, we reckon.

It: Chapter 2 is scheduled to hit cinemas from September 6th this year.