Jessica Chastain Pretended To Be Bryce Dallas Howard, Got Away With It

Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard bear more than a casual resemblance to each-other, to the point where Chastain is often congratulated for her performance in Jurassic World, even though she wasn’t actually in Jurassic World.

The pair – who, it must be said, are both redheads, both know how to work their angles, and are both pretty stellar actresses – have met before and commented on their striking similarity.
During a recent appearance with Jimmy Fallon, however, Chastain revealed that, on at least one occasion, she has been approached by Bryce Dallas Howard fans wanting to meet their idol, and just run with it.
Fallon revealed that he has signed the odd autograph as Jimmy Kimmel in his time, which is probably just as bad as Chris Pratt being confused for Chris Evans, or some poor reporter mixing up the Hemsworth brothers.
Oh, the pitfalls of being famous, good-looking and resembling another famous, good-looking person: