The First Official ‘Jurassic World 2’ Poster Is A Tyrannosaurus-Sized Mystery

A sequel to Jurassic World is officially on the way – hardly surprising, given that the 2015 film, which featured Chris Pratt being dashing and Bryce Dallas Howard running in heels, made all of the money.  
While the film won’t be out until the middle of 2018, the promotional campaign has officially begun, with an official Jurassic World Twitter account teasing a big announcement in the form of a somewhat ambiguous poster.
The artwork, revealed overnight, teases ‘something is coming’; the main text, is obscured, save for the phrase “Jurassic Ou…”. 

The mystery word could be ‘Outpost’ or ‘Outbreak’ or something completely different, but presumably, more will be revealed when the website mentioned in the Tweet goes live. 
We’ll try and contain our excitement until then.
Source: Cinema Blend.